Speak Out 5/23/12

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reserved seats

Sunday was the 100th graduation class for Central High School. Seats were on a first-come, first-served basis, and the doors opened one hour before the graduation. How frustrating it was to arrive at the door opening and find that a lot of the prime seats had reserved signs attached to them and that the rules don't apply to everyone.

Liberal California

California is the most liberal state in the country. It has been ruled by liberals for the past 30 years or more. It has employed every liberal philosophy that exists. It has been overly generous with public benefits for everyone; It has handed out billions to the public employees unions in pay and benefits that the public cannot afford. Now the state is running out of cash. It has already raised taxes several times; will it raise them again? Illinois is right behind California.

A new low

So once again President Obama and the Democrats bring national politics to a new low. Now if wealthy contributors exercise their legal right of free speech and donate to Obama's opponent, they will be added to a national online "enemies list" and every effort will be made to demean them publicly. Isn't this America, where we have the right to express our views? Isn't this the core of what America is all about? Is President Obama trying to "fundamentally change" America into a different kind of country? Who is this radical that we put in the White House?

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