Speak Out 5/21/12

Monday, May 21, 2012

No texting

I don't care whether it is a gas station, wherever, you need to have rules that your employees are not texting unless it is an emergency. Then it needs to be proven. I would be looking at the video footage, because everything is on camera these days anyway, and if I saw employees going around and texting while a customer is in the business, I think I would think about letting them go because it is costing businesses business.

Law enforcement

I can't understand why people are either joyful or sad about the deer laws the Cape Girardeau City Council has just passed, because in Cape Girardeau, anybody who has lived here very long knows quite well that Cape Girardeau does not enforce their laws. Anybody who gets out on the street knows that, so there is no worry about this. It will be enforced selectively and sparingly.

Obama's record

Though numerous Speak Out callers are trying to portray our president as being a braggart on his accomplishments, in reality he needs to do much more in touting his record on issues ranging from bringing us back from the precipice of economic collapse to his outstanding record in the area of foreign policy.

Downtown Cape

In one of the most clueless comments I have ever seen in print, someone in the poll results column called Cape's downtown is "dead." This someone obviously never goes near downtown, where thousands of people go every day to the antique shops, specialty shops, restaurants and clubs. On the weekend evenings there is little or no parking for blocks around as patrons seek out the great live music and art available in this area. If the organizations tasked with the job of promoting Cape would put some time and money into promoting this we could quickly become an art, music and performance center for this part of the country.

Limbaugh ceremony

It seems incongruous to me that Rush Limbaugh, the doctor of democracy, a man of the people if you will, would be honored by induction into the Missouri Hall of Fame in a closed-to-the-public ceremony.

Medicaid problems

At my job, I work with people who receive Medicaid funded services, and I have to say, some of the policies sicken me. I cannot stand it when I am not able to help a son or daughter care for their sick parent due to certain policies, but I am able to help a lot of people freeload off the system. Wake up, Missouri. We need to completely overhaul Medicaid and make some huge changes to it. There are way too many people who need help and do not receive it, and there are three times as many people who do not need the help but are just simply lazy.

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