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Bankruptcies filed through April for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Stevens, Alan M.10333
Morgan, Mary10367
Bass, Tamrah S. and Ronnie L.10371
Upchurch, Todd L.10393
Cooper, Lana M.10404

Butler County

Carr, David W.10314
Dover, Timothy G. and Melanie J.10317
Thompson, Larry A. and Barbara A.10323
Ballard, Ray C.10326
Cochran, Janet L.10346
Turner, Diana R.10348
Garza, Gilbert E.10351
Ramsey, Janice L.10352
Bailey, Robert F. Sr. and Evelyn M.10353
Hayes, Sandra K.10354
Partenberry, Roberta10358
Logsdon, Roy H.10360
Inman, Alvin D. and Ola M.10361
Landers, Tonya S.10364
Rommel, Carol A.10378
Keele, Ida L.10381
Sullivan, Kevin W.10382
Gowen, Jerry D. and Laura J.10383
Logsdon, David N.10385
Turner, Huena J.10386
Aldridge, Kenneth W. and Carol A.10403
Cook, Kevin L. and Teresa J.10410
Dicken, Roy L. and Lisa R.10413
Merritt, Patricia S.10415
Merritt, Terry R.10416
McLean, Jack G. Jr. and Amy M.10417
Hale, Patricia A.10418
Parks, Kyle R. and Brandy M.10444

Cape Girardeau County

Peterman, Neal L. and Lesa B.10304
Fischer, Mary W.10305
Suhre, Gary W. and Cindy L.10311
Miller, Wendell L.10312
Price, Johnnie S.10316
Smith, Jahmilla M.10319
Brewer, Larry L. and Gina M.10321
Wesley, Debra A.10338
Gaertner, Gary P. and Peggy J.10342
Ayers, Scott R. and Cassandra A.10345
Lape, Tracy D.10349
Botkin, Patty K.10356
Freeman, Sabrina D.10359
Shields, Paula R.10362
Sumner, Catherine J.10366
Coleman, Michael A. and Nancy G.10369
Holloway, Michael V.10373
Powell, James W. and Emily A.10377
Elliott, Gina L.10396
May, Stephan R. II10397
Webster, Jeffery G.10398
Palermo, Allan J. and Mary L.10401
Doyen, Bryan P. and Sara B.10402
Rellergert, Michael J. and Linda G.10405
Biester, Mary B.10431
Powders, Randy E.10447
Johnson, Renee M.10448

Carter County

Cambron, Michael S. and Sherry L.10337
Stokan, Colette T.10350
Maxwell, Tisha L.10375

Dunklin County

Terrell, Brent W.10310
Corder, Robert N. and Bonnie S.10322
Barnes, Robert L. and Michele D.10374
Gorman, Dennis J. and Selena M.10422
Ramirez, Ignacio and Elizabeth10433
Smothers, Michael S.10434
Potts, Loretta10435
Ross, Charles W.10436
McDonald, Seth10437
Long, Bobby D.10439
Hurst, Glen and Somer10443

Madison County

Turner, Tina M.10318
McDowell, Melissa A.10332
Gipson, Travis L. and Melinda L.10334
Thompson, James W.10357
Martin, Brenda L.10406
Skiby, Karrin K.10407

Mississippi County

Bryars, Barry P. and Diana K.10380
Kennard, Mitchell R.10392

New Madrid County

Porter, Bridget D.10309
Wallace, Sonja10331
Rodgers, Brooke S.10390
Thompson, Barbara J.10391
Willis, Robert E. and Linda J.10414
Grice, Rayford L.10424

Pemiscot County

Miles, Doris F.10344
Milburn, Sean A.10419
Ayers, Herschel E. Jr.10420
Lacey, Cathy M.10421
Martin, Scotty E.10423
Gilmore, Kenneth C. and Kimberly C.10425
Watkins, Joshua L.10426
Gawthrop, Ricky W.10427
Hite, Teddy L. Jr. and Jennifer S.10428
Coleman, Florida B.10438

Perry County

Boland, Craig B. and Kendra M.10320
Brown, Danny W.10341
Breig, Amy V.10365
Garrett, Dennis J. and Karolyn J.10408
Pohlman, Leon D. and Nancy M.10442

Reynolds County

Baker, Samuel K. and Pamela S.10388

Ripley County

Johnson, Tina D.10339
Hayes, Carolyn10340
Burns, Courtney M.10372
Prim, Dale L. and Norma H.10376
Bastian, William P.10384
Dale, Julia M.10446

Scott County

Broughton, Stephen M. and Margaret P.10306
Rhodes, Glenn R.10307
Landers, Laura B.10315
Morgan, Christopher T. and Latasha L.10324
Smith, William B. and Bonnie J.10329
Penrod, Bobby D. and Angela D.10336
Hahn, Stephen M. and Wanda L.10343
Willis, Clayton C. and Patricia A.10347
Melrose, Craig A. and Julia Elizabeth L.10355
Mayberry, Leeta J.10363
Reynolds, Traci J.10379
Benson, Lance P.10387
Heuring, Barbara A. and Billy J.10389
Hodge, Kimberly M.10409
Murphy, Robert L and Verla J.10411
Todt, Jason A. and Amanda E.10412
Learue, Teresa J.10430
Feerrar, John G. Jr.10440
Matlock, Bruce K.10441
Webb, Rodney A. and Diana M.10445

Stoddard County

Shipp, William A. and Brandy M.10308
Wade, Brenda L.10313
Keating, William R. Jr. and Crystal G.10325
McCord, Denise M. and James M.10327
Whitaker, Robin I. and David T.10328
Easler, Timothy L.10330
Ellis, Danny W.10335
Watson, Kim10368
Danny Gramlisch Masonry LLC10394
Gramlisch, Danny R. and Kimberly L.10395
Isaac, Bradley S. and Sarah10399
Trinka, John F.10400
Welty, Bradley D.10449

Wayne County

Burns, Ronald C. and Ingrid R.10303
Durr, Jamie L.10370
Wright, Howard D. and RoseMary 10429
Jones, Portia M.10432
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