Tax liens

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cape Girardeau County

Tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Scott R. Clark, recorder of deeds, during April are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue, except as indicated by IRS designation. For more information, contact the recorder's office at (573) 243-8123.


Out of Bounds Bar & Grill

Thrower, Misty D.

Baumhardt, Leo B.

Bean, Russell C.

Burton, Christopher M.

Greable, Christopher W. and Ruby

Harris, William T.

Hinkle, Jane M. and Larry S.

Kelley, Bradley J.

Lockhart, Dennis

McClellan, Douglas S. and Tammy S.

McCormick, Patty A. and Steven L.

Merriweather, David J.

Pitchford, Levi C.

Priest, Todd A.

Sissom, Michael F.

Walley, Amy L. and Michael A.

Welker, Scott M.

Williams, Joey T.

Wilson, Dana

D&L Pest Control Inc.

Gibbs, David A.

KMills Construction Inc. (2)

Life of Jesus Organization

Penrod, Terri

Powders, Randy E.

Storder, Daniel E.

W.E. Hampton & Associates Inc.

Design Alliance Inc.

Brocato, Jessica C.

Devicor Medical Products Inc.

Findley, Allen S.

J&J Hyla

Johnson, Andrew

Muy Bueno Authentic Mexican

Priest, Albert J.

Quesada, Graciela

Roy's Tire & Auto Inc.

Socials Cafe & Catering

Whaley, Andrew M.

Arenas, Angelisa C. and Arturo

Ayers, Candi R. and Paxton O.

Bramlett, Derick A.

Bryant, April F. and Kent M.

Camp, Annette L. Tanner and Jeffery D.

Edmonds, Scott R.

Fischer, Stephen J.

Hamilton, Salena K.

Hedge, Eddie F.

Howerton, Glenn H. and Niki D.

Jordan, Bradley R. and Sharrol D.

Juden, Ladonna J. and Terry A.

Kelly, Aschlei N.

Key, Kelly

Mills, Jesse W.

Niswonger, Joe and Teresa

Quinn, John P.

Ritchie, Richard S.

Sample, Lindsay G. Jr. and Tina M.

Seabaugh, Amanda and James

Solak, Angela D.

Solak, Suleyman

Sterling, Diana and Eric L.

Tope, Jennifer

Wells, Michael A.

Young, Alan L. and Christia D.

Sturms Adjustment Services

Anchor Construction Group Inc.

M&H Pallet Inc.

Kenco Enterprises Inc.

Marco Construction Products

Alwahaidi, Fadi R.

Cavanah, Kohl C.

Coomer, Harold

Done, Richard H.

Essner, Andrew M.

Frazier, Regina M.

Snell, Jared P. and Misty A.

Stroder, Daniel F.

Stroup, Archie

Talley, Hunter M.

Tucker, Anthony H.

Williams, Billy M.

D&L Pest Control Inc.

Elliott, Theodore A.

McAdams, Beverly

Schott & Co.

Boyce, Gerald

Brickhaus, Margaret

Brown, William L.

Bumpus, Joeseph M. and Lisa D.

Gross, Richard M. and Sheila D.

Holiman, David S.

Housman, merriel E.

Michel, Debbie S.

Patrick, Michael J. and Sherrie A.

Reisenbichler, Donald E.

Richardson, Daniel D. IV and Jessica A.

Scheper, Gary C.

Snyder, Dale R.

Stahl, Darin S.

Tarrants, Michael

Rooney, Janice M. and Wainscott, Rusty A.

Cates and Davis Inc.

River City Health Clinic Inc.

Hall Excavating Co.

Schott & Associates

All For Kidz Inc.

The All Good Grill

Americana Companies Inc.

B&M Aerial Equipment Inc.

Behring, Rich


Brinson, Phillip A.

Brotherton, Benjamin J.

Buck, Tamara Z.

Burch, Ben P.

Cape Girardeau Brewing Co.

Cape Girardeau Brewing Co., IRS

Cape Girardeau Brewing Co. and Mark K. Sprigg, IRS

Cell Nation

Classroom Connect

Collins, Justin

Country Boys Cookin'

Dambach, Alicia M.

Data Business Systems Inc.

Davault, Larry E.

Eagle Point Landscaping

Edge Media

Evans, Kennith M.

Get Noticed

Golden, Roy A.

Guzman, Margarito R.

Hobeck, Donald R.

Jackson, Mark

Jones, Ronald W.

Just Scott

Lambert, Nancy A.

Lamouria, Joshua J.

Mattison, Christina

Nagel, Scott A.

Penrod, William J. II

Rector, Steve W. (2)

Rumors Bar & Lounge

Schloss, Gregory

Schloss, Robert T.

Schloss, Terry L.

Sprigg, Mark K.

Sternickle, Donna S.

Storck, James M.

Wenderski, Michael J.

West, Joseph L.

Whiskey Business

Williams, Dustin K.

Jackson, Janet W.

Abraham, Ronnie L.

Arnold, Avis (deceased)

Bonner, Byron

Bonta, Michelle N.

Boswell, Michael C.

Cauble, Olene W.

Gray, Roger G.

Hill, John D.

Jefferson, Roy A.

Linebarger, Cleo

Malik, Farida S. and Shafiq M.

Mettlen, Charles R. and Kellie M.

Pyles, James M.

Williams, Kari A.

Lutrell, Michael R., IRS

Cardinal Cement Finishing Inc., IRS

Purark LLC, IRS

White, Roy G., IRS


Meyer, Jeanette L. and William J.

Zeilenga, Curtis L. and Tiffany N.

Cape Chemical Co.

Davault, Larry E. (2)

Dyar, Steven F.

Platz, Marty

Safety Sole-Utions LLC

Steers, Krissty

Curry, Nole J.

Davis, Earl and Stillwell, Cori R.

Harris, Cathleen

Long, Robin R. and Wesley L.

Sanders, Daryl C. and Wilma J.

Speidel, Christina A.

Craft, Dennis (2)

DW Tool Inc.

Drew, Willie

Young, Jill P.

Life of Jesus Organization (2)

Phiffer, Tamika

Strategic Communications Group

Wiggins, Tina M. (3)

Elfrink, Patricia A.

Elfrink, Daniel J. and Patricia A.

Lesch, Heather M. Wilson and Ronnie L.

Mills, Catherine E. and Stephen A.

Nelson, Angela D.

Strohmeyer, Gerry F. and Joan F.

Wright, Derek S.

Ford, Virginia K.

McDuffy, Christine A. and Shannon J.

Penrod, Terri

Powders, Randy R.

Dean, Timothy R.

Georgen, Sheila N.

Kids Bazaar

Quality Metal Systems

Sanders, Naomi R.

Stover Enterprises Inc.

McCoy, Gerald A. and Paula J.

Pinkley, Ina E. (deceased)

ASAAT Preschool (2)

Delta Express Inc.

Schrader & Erbst Inc. (2)

Morton, Sandra K.

CLB Enterprises

Coley, James F.

Hankins, Jeffry

Innovative Therapies Inc.

Nattier, Eldon G.

Ross, G. Michael

Kieninger, Joanna M.

Masterson, Thomas L. Jr.

Morton, Sandra K.

Scott, Marvin J. and Sharon R.

Silas, David J.

Ware, Marcia L.

Hogan, Mathew N.

The Landing Place Airport Restaurant


Crites, Louis E.

Deck, Bryan W. and Tracy R.

Swader, Cynthia L. and Rickie E.

Woodard, Bobbie A.

Nabors, L. Earl

Reaves, Mindy

Newbern, Roscoe Jr., IRS

Young & Hart Associates Inc., IRS

Langston, Stephen F., IRS

Hahs, Jeffrey L., IRS (3)

Snyder, Ted W. (expunged)

Scott County

Tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Tara L. Mason, recorder of deeds, during April are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue, except as indicated by IRS designation. For more information, contact the recorder's office at (573) 545-3551.


All For Kidz Inc.

Americana Companies Inc.

Arviso, Adrian S.

Atchley, Dale A. and Darla K.

Aters, Steven A.

Atkins, Thomasina R.

Beck, Gerald L.

Berry, Chris

Bewley, Michael, IRS

Blackman, Rosie L.

Bradfield, Richard J.

Braun, Justin M. and Jessica

Brown, Bobby L.

Burnett, Geraldine

Business Research Institute

Cain and Vaughn Associates Inc.

Clark, Roland B. and Sharon N.

Collins, Kevin

Corwin, Rachelle L.

Country Boys Cookin' LLC

Cox, James E. Jr. and Wendy

Cox, James L.

Cox, Thomas J. Jr.


Craeford, Steven L. Jr. and Misti M.

Creative Cabinet Systems Inc.

Dame, Lyman L. Sr.

Devicor Medical Products Inc.

Dollins, Philip E., IRS

Dudley, Derick A.

Dunker, Anthony O. and Summer C.

Elliott, Theodore A. (2)

Essentially Yours Industries Inc.

Estes, Billy L.

F and S Performance LLC

Foster, Michael L.

Friga, David K.

Garcia, Mark A.

Gentry, Gayla R.

Gilliam, Brooke

Gooch Transportation Inc., IRS

Grither, Rodney K.

GSC Industries Inc.

Guzman, Margarito R.

Harris, Alonzo G.

Hartlein, Tina R. (2)

Health Services of Dexter Inc.

Hobeck, Donald R.

Howard, Franklin R.

Howell, Jamal

Huckstep, Chad G. and Cara L.

Hurst, Ronnie J. and Rhonda D.

Irions, Patricia K.

Johnson, Fabian C.

Johnson, Sabrina L.

Kight, Peggy J.

Kilburn, Randy D.

Kinsey, Greg H.

Lee, Jeffery L.

Long, Jeffrey W.

Love, Glenn R. and Sara A.

Mannon, Leslie D.

Martinez, Linda K.

McFerron, Megan E.

Mitchell, Ruth

Moore, Stevenson L.

Murphy, Robert

Newell, Tommy and Michelle L.

Noyes, Gregory D.

Odom, Mark S.

Parr Heating and Cooling Inc.

Pearson, Alfred M. and Phyllis D.

Petersen, Steven M. and Dawn A.

Pratt, Stacy and Andrea

Raines, Angela

Roberts, Ted and Kathleen

Roney, Janet E.

Ruebel, David M. and Laura L.

Sikeston Area Country Club

Sisk, Terrie D.

Smith, John W.

Stevenson, Charles E. and Shirley M.

Taylorgreen, Sanoria K.

Todt, Michael J. and Sandra L., IRS

Vanpool, Sandra K.

Walton, Dustin J. and April M.

Ward, Ashley

Watson, Melissa J., et al

Wayland, Nicholas S.

Weems, Darrell R. and Katie

White, Michael D. and Connie D.

Wiggins, Nathaniel D.

Willey, Charles L. and Linda

Wilson, Sheila (2)

Witzell, Linda K.

Wright, Arthur C.

Wuebker, Jeffrey and Tiffany R.

Yahn, Marion and Leslie A.


Bader, Bradley A. and Debra K.

Barlow, Lorie L., et al

Bliefert, Randall L.

Dan Bridger Enterprises Inc. (3)

Bryan, Louis A. and Kimberly R.

Carnells Collision Repair Specialists Inc. (2)

Causey Lawn Service Inc.

Cox, James Jr.

Cox, Wendy

Davidson, James A.

Dirickson, Shavonna D.

Ernest Communications Inc.

Fodge, Judy M. and Spencer A. (2)

Freeland, Billy W. and Brandy N.

G and D Communications Inc. (2)

G and R Enterprise LLC

Gold, Steve W. and Kathy L., IRS

Goodale, Charles O. and Paula G.

Guthrie, Wayne E.

Ham, Lisa G.

J and K Talley Inc. (4)

Jackson, Ader M.

Jones, Sarah M.

Kerr, Kirk A. and Rita J.

Kindle, Glenda (deceased)

The Landing Place Airport Restaurant LLC

Lowe, Bobby R.

Mann, David C.

Mann, Jeffry and Charlotte P.

Nabors, L. Earl

Nedrow, Dale R. and Jenine R., IRS

Parr, Kerry L. and Shlanda G.

Paul's Pawn LLC

Presley, Calvin L.

Riddell, John and Rebecca A.

Robinson, Willie

Shaw, Mitchell J. and Martina M.

Simpson, Eric N., et al

Simpson, Gerald W.

Smith, Jennifer D.

Stabbs, John F. and Terri L.

Thomas, Samuel A.

West, Jesse A.

White, Michael

Wiggins, Tina M.

Wilcutt, Roy M.

Williams, James M., IRS

Wimberley, Oneal Jr.

Wuesthoff, Martin C. (deceased)

Stoddard County

Tax liens and lien discharges recorded at the office of Kay Asbell, recorder of deeds, during April are filed by the Missouri Department of Revenue, except as indicated by IRS designation. For more information, contact the recorder's office at (573) 568-3444.


Slavings, Robert, IRS

Com Serv Inc.

McDonald, Paul M.

Backworks Chiropractic and Wellness

Bohannon Enterprises

Barker, Tyrus L.

Franklin, Hardy D.

Poeppelmeyer, Charles W.

Pullum, Robert A.

Wells, Christopher

Stevens, Nathan W.

Craft, Jennifer A.

Davis, Terry L.

Duley, Matthew D.

Durden, James L.

Guzman, Erik

Hardin, Michelle L.

Hubbert, Thomas J.

Long, Jeffery L.

McCormick, Kevin

Pullum, Neil W.

Robinson, William L.

Tilmon, Jimmy B.

Wasson, Jesse E.

Hubert, Ruben, IRS (2)

Consolidated Plastic Products Corp., IRS

Smith, Mark E.

Clinton, Gary D. and Sherri D., IRS

Backfisch, Daniel S.

Malloy, Jeffery

Judge, Timothy J.

Brehmer, John T.

Carver, Carl

Jordan, Shawn A.

Tippen, Philip

Watkins, Steve

Danny Gramlisch Masonry, IRS


Vandiver, Jeffrey A.

Dyar, Steven F.

Jones Building Supply

Jones, Hiram L.

Jones, Matt E.

Safety Sole-Utions

Allied Waste North America

Kennedy, Edwin G., IRS

Fitzpatrick, Patricia A.

Bird, Michael G.

Coffee, Michael A.

Haas, Bobby D.

Lindsey, Kevin

Welker, Jacob J.

Lewis, Maxwell L. and Joan E., IRS

Dexter Early Development

Cavaness, Danny J.

Crow, Sean R.

McGuire, Phyllis J.

Georgen, Sheila N.

Jolly, Tina J.

Quality Metal Systems Inc.

Walker, Brenda D.

Bird, Michael S.

Cooper, Patsy D.

Hill, Jesse O.

Jones, Tammy

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