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Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Ron Gjerstad, Buchheit Trucking Service President congratulating the 1st Place Winner Kevin Zimmerman, MO.

Saturday, May 5 Buchheit Trucking Service had our first Trucking Rodeo at our Scott City Location. We had 6 drivers that participated. The drivers had a series of tests they had to perform for points and the driver with the most points won the competition. In order to participate drivers had to have been with our company for at least 12 months, worked 11 of those months, and been accident free for all 12 months.

Drivers were presented with the following tests:

40 question written test based on DOT safety information and driving knowledge.

Structured Pre-Trip Inspection where the drivers had to inspect a truck and trailer for any defects to ensure it was safe for the road.

6 driving scenarios or problems the driver had to perform. They were:

Serpentine around cones backward and forward

Weigh Scale crossing

Alley Dock backing both driver side and blind side

Front stop

Straight line backing for 250' between cones

Rear stop

The winners were:

-1st place-Kevin Zimmerman from Jackson

-2nd Place-Keith Schwent from Cape Girardeau, MO

-1st alternate-Sid Naramore from Chaffee, MO

Keith Schwent is not able to attend the State Championship so Sid Naramore is going in his place.

Kevin Zimmerman and Sid Naramore are going to the Missouri Trucking Association Truck Driving Championships at the Kansas City Expo Center at Kansas City, MO June 8-9. If they win there they get to go to the National Trucking Association Truck Driving Championship at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN. The National event will be held August 7-12 of this year.

We want to say thank you to all that helped make this event possible and to all the drivers that make the highways safe while getting products to all our customers.

Bruce Aden

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