Letter to the Editor

A plutocracy government

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Years ago when labor unions got stronger and started supporting the Democratic Party, the Republicans responded by supporting corporations. Then when Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush decided to liberalize our trade policies, manufacturers could no longer be competitive and started a mass movement out of the country. The Republicans continued to support them by passing numerous subsidies and loopholes to encourage them to profitably bring products back in the U.S. They did not realize they were creating monsters. Free shipment of goods back in the United States has made multinational corporations so rich and powerful, they have, with the continued support of the Republicans, been successful in defeating all legislation to correct the problem.

According to Kevin Phillips, the United States is a plutocracy in which there is a fusion of money and government. A wealthy minority (in our case 1 percent) are major contributors who raise money to influence politicians. Political parties accept large donations for serving the needs of the wealthy contributors. The Supreme Court, also under their influence, has made it legal for the wealthy to donate huge amounts of money (super PACs) which through the megamedia has influenced public perception of an issue.

Unfortunately, this plutocracy government has also defeated all legislation to increase taxes on the millionaires and billionaires, has eliminated any possibility of the government getting enough revenue to run the country, and is against any relief for the unemployed population they have created.