Letter to the Editor

More bread and circuses

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So the voters of France have elected a tax-and-spend socialist over a conservative austerity budget-cutting leader. Francois Hollande's platform is to restore costly social programs and increase taxes on the rich (sounds familiar). Perhaps he should check his history and find out how the promises of more bread and circuses helped the Roman Empire.

What we see here are the leeches, mooches and parasites of France nuzzling up the udder of the government cash cow seeking even more sustenance. The problem is the cow is running dry.

Unlike his German neighbor Angela Merkel, Hollande has chosen to pursue the failed policies of the past. His opponent, Nicolas Sarkozy, espoused a policy of "tough love." Austerity, less spending on social programs and lower taxes were the order of the day.

This election is already having a negative impact on global markets. Perhaps we Americans should keep this in mind this November when someone comes forward and promises us more bread and circuses.