Franklin first-graders perform at River Campus

Monday, May 14, 2012
There are two photos for this story! I will upload the second one in a moment.

Franklin Elementary first-graders were hip hopping, tapping and break dancing a couple of times per week in preparation for the Last Chance to Dance show at the River Campus last week. Their teacher, Whittney Carter, pictured above with some of her students, explained that her kids love to dance, and so she invited Southeast University student dancers to come to Franklin and share their dance skills. The Franklin kids showed so much enthusiasm and talent that they were invited to perform at the River Campus on May 7th.

The Southeast University performers are pictured below with the Franklin students. They are Zak McMahon (sitting in front), Leshay Mathis, Keith Johnson II, Amy Cole, and Kelcey Matheny (standing in back). "Leshay played a huge part in organizing my students as well as donating t-shirts and happy meals," Carter explained. "Southeast Professor Hilary Peterson was so cooperative. She rounded up the student volunteers who worked with my kids during their recess times. We are so grateful for all their work, and my students thoroughly enjoyed the experience," Carter said.

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