Paid Election Letter: Growing support for Parker

Monday, May 14, 2012

Republican pro-life conservative Bob Parker's primary challenge of 16-year incumbent Jo Ann Emerson is gaining steam. As Bob expresses his goals of protecting the unborn and reducing spending to keep Social Security funding solvent, he is gaining support throughout the 8th District. Bob has concluded we cannot correct the environment in Washington without replacing those responsible. Bob and his growing organization have been getting the word out about Parker's efforts to defend liberty and property rights.

Parker defeated Emerson by a margin of 2-1 in a straw poll conducted by the St. Francois County Republican Central Committee. The best proof of Parker's support was demonstrated at a fundraiser held in Sikeston. More than 140 volunteers attended the event. In the 8th District, to my knowledge, such a large crowd for one candidate was second only to the crowd drawn by presidential contender Rick Santorum. In contrast, Jo Ann Emerson held a fundraiser for Ed Martin in the same time frame and drew 30 attendees.

When preparing to participate at a parade, fundraiser, door-to-door knocking, or setting up signs, Bob Parker and his volunteers often begin with prayer; we ask for God's will and guidance to correct the direction of our country.

The growing number of Parker supporters, including many seniors, are getting more and more enthusiastic about the race. Volunteers travel from multiple counties to support Bob Parker at Lincoln Days, fundraisers and parades. We have not sensed such enthusiasm in the Emerson camp. Vote in the coming August primary.


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