Third Tuesday Tea Time - Working Meeting

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Cape County Tea Party (CCTP) will hold it's monthly meeting this Tuesday May 15th at 6:30pm in the Cape Girardeau Public Library. This meeting is different from recent meetings in that there will be no speaker -- it will be a working meeting.

CCTP does not endorse candidates. However, votes and actions by our representatives -- local, state, and federal -- affect our lives by either advancing or restricting freedom, increasing or reducing government, and paramount to CCTP, increasing or reducing spending and debt.

To that end, this meeting will be a working meeting where we split into groups to define criteria by which our federal, state, and local representatives will be rated against Tea Party principles.

We will define the criteria, review votes, and poll the candidates in preparation to publish this information prior to the August primary.

We hope you can attend the meeting at 6:30 on Tuesday. If you have a laptop that can be used to search up legislation and information, please bring it and arrive early.

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