Speak Out 5/14/12

Monday, May 14, 2012

Same rules?

On the Saturday evening CBS News, the president at a campaign speech made the statement that the rules should apply to everyone. However, we were just told in the news in the last week that the ObamaCare health plan will exempt him and Congress. How does that mean everyone is playing by the same rules? I don't understand that.

Cheap things

You know, the major manufacturing companies here in the U.S. used to be in the U.S., but now they are in Mexico and India and everywhere. They really put the screws to us. I have been going through my nice linens and my good towels. They are cheap things, they are made cheaply. You can't buy anything really, really nice anymore. So, thanks a lot.

Don't blame teachers

I agree with the teacher absences Speak Out article. There are way too many subs throughout the district. But, please, please, don't blame the teachers. Ask any teacher and they'd much rather be in the classroom instead of the hours of preparation for a sub. And even more time to go through the missing work, the lesson that might not have been taught properly and additional problems that might have happened. They don't like being away. Blame administration. If some districts would have implemented programs properly, and phased programs in over time to get adequate training, they would not have to back pedal and force the rush training to teachers.

Rush, a humanitarian

Rush Limbaugh and his listeners this year have donated nearly $3.3 million to the leukemia and lymphoma society, including $400,000 from Rush himself. This year was Rush's 22nd Cure-A-Thon and he has now raised more than $34 million for the organization. What a great humanitarian we have in Rush. He is definitely a credit to Cape Girardeau as well as the state of Missouri.

Strange birds

The last few days I have been seeing a flock of birds I am not familiar with. The females are sort of a dusty brown color and the males are black with a white patch on its back and maybe a little white on its shoulders. I think these are bobolinks. Do bobolinks live in this area and is it possible that that's what this flock of birds is?

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