Letter to the Editor

Concerns over deer feeding law

Thursday, May 10, 2012

In response to the story "Cape council adopts final no-feed deer ordinance":I am 85 years young, and I have never ever written a complaint of any kind in my life to a newspaper or ever voiced my opinion on something like this law, but when I read that the city council has voted in a law that you can receive a $500 fine and 90 days in jail if you are caught feeding deer, I had to comment on it.

I feed birds, squirrels, stray cats and whatever. Now tell me, how am I going to tell these deer that they cannot steal any of the birds' or squirrels' food because that could cause me to be thrown in jail and receive a $500 fine? I don't intend to quit feeding birds and squirrels.

I will comply with this law, though, if someone will tell me how I can keep the deer out of my bird feeders and squirrel feeders. Raccoons and other animals besides the deer get in these feeders, too.

The only answer that I see to this problem is that we animal lovers will have to move out of the city limits if we want to be one with nature.

My home and three wooded acres joins the conservation land out by the country club, and I have never fed, and won't ever intentionally feed, the deer. But will someone tell me, do you expect everyone to quit feeding birds, too, since deer, birds, squirrels, and many other animals all eat the same things?

GENE HEISE, Cape Girardeau