Speak Out 5/8/12

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

King editorial

Your editorial praising local teacher Cynthia King was right on the money. She is the embodiment of the idea that teaching is an art and not a science and that it is far better to foster the creative impulse in students than to try and reduce those in her charge to little more than letters, numbers and other so-called quantifiable data that large segments of the public and thus, the schools, wrongly demand.

Feeding deer

I hope Cape Girardeau does not pass a law against feeding deer. We have too many laws on the books that are outdated and difficult to enforce. We need to focus on real crimes and make Cape Girardeau a great place to live and raise a family. Cape Girardeau used to be a great place to raise a family with a low crime rate. Today the crime rate is higher than the national and the state averages. This is sad. Stupid laws and old laws put a burden on our police force. Let them solve real crimes. City council members need to drive around and take a close look at what's going on.

Barking dogs

It is very sad when you can't sell your home because of your neighbor's barking dogs.

Maddow book

Even though endorsed by none other than Fox News's Roger Ailes, I seriously doubt if David Limbaugh will recommend to his readership "Drift," the New York Times' No. 1 best-seller by the inestimable Rachel Maddow.

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