Speak Out 5/1/12

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Barbaric traps

I read about the mice overpopulation at Cape Girardeau Central Junior High. We are resorting to glue traps. They are slow, painful and inhumane, and they provide death for a basic creature. Compassion starts at the bottom level. If a person does not have respect for basic creatures, how will they learn respect for people? Yes, they need to be removed, but glue traps? It's barbaric.

Change, please

I'd like to know why several restaurant employees around the Cape Girardeau area think that it is an OK practice to not return a customer's change after paying for a meal. I have been to many restaurants in the last several months that this has happened. The meal and the atmosphere were great and I was willing to leave a tip for the waitress or waiter, but they failed to return my 50 cents or dollar change. That ruins the whole atmosphere of the meal and the atmosphere of the evening because an employee was too lazy to return a minute amount of change.

Worst Speak Out

I have seen some ignorant and misinformed comments in Speak Out. But, the one referring to austerity budgets in Europe is the worst. The reader declares that the only way to stop austerity budgets from destroying the United States, as is happening in Europe, is to re-elect Obama. Europe is in trouble because those countries have spent too much money on social giveaway programs. If we have to enact austere measures in the United States, it will be because of Obama and his spending. In Europe young, healthy adults are writing and basically saying, "What do you mean you want to take away my free stuff?"

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