2011 Flood: A Year Later, April 30

Monday, April 30, 2012

On this day, April 30

Cape river level: 45.2 feet

Cape flood stage: 32 feet

Cairo river level: 59.15 feet

Cairo flood stage: 40 feet

Rainfall: 1.49 inches

Just 3 inches shy of the record crest, Cairo, Ill.,'s mayor orders everyone in the city to leave by midnight. Maj. Gen. Michael Walsh ordered the barges carrying 250 tons of explosives to Wickliffe, KY., putting them in position, according to the established plan, to blow the Birds Point levee. No decision had been made whether to activate the floodway.

For a complete timeline of the Flood of 2011 or to see the photos from last year, go to semissourian.com/flood2011.

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