Good Samaritan: Many Good Samaritans

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dear Good Samaritan! There are many of you out there in SEMOland. Do you recognize yourself? No specific names are mentioned, but you are a Good Samaritan if you have done one or more of the following actions.

Did you:

-- Open the door for me at a restaurant, business, doctor's office when you saw me walking with my "horse" (walker)?

-- Ask if I needed help reaching something at the supermarket?

-- Change my bed linens when I couldn't bend over?

-- Make my house and yard handicapped accessible?

-- Put my paper in my door?

-- Mow my lawn and burn the trimmings you cut from the yard? Rake the leaves?

-- Bring me meals when you weren't sure I was eating enough?

-- Invite me out for a meal or special outing?

I say, "thank you" to friends, relatives, neighbors and strangers. You are my Good Samaritan.