Speak Out 4/22/12

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Off the chain

This relates to "Caring for dogs." The person wrote in how dogs are social animals, and they are. So why chain them up in the backyard and forget about them? I have actually stopped and gone to a residence and told them, if you don't unchain that dog, I am going to call the law. I've done it several times.

Rush right on race

Don't forget that when Barack Obama was elected president many people thought that the racial divide in our country would disappear, but Rush Limbaugh predicted at the time that racial tensions would only get worse. Once again, Rush is right.


I have been receiving a phone call from an agency saying they are with the Southeast Missouri Troopers Association asking me for money, but the strange thing is the times they have called it has come across my caller ID as unknown name unknown number, nor can you redial and connect. I do believe this is a con and a scam and I am asking that you print this as a warning to everyone in the area. If someone calls you with unknown name and number posing to be troopers, they would have another phone number. I think this is a scam.

Pawnshop boom

Perhaps part of the reason pawn shops are showing up is because of the cable show on TV. People may feel that this is a good thing for them to go into. I don't blame it on Obama because the gap between the rich and poor was happening before Obama, may I say George Bush era and possibly before him. This gap has been growing for a long time, so one cannot blame Obama.

Women's pay

It's funny that President Obama and Vice President Biden keep trying to say that there is a war on women, and that the Republicans are so anti-women. But then they do a fact check. They find out that women in Obama's administration, doing the same job as the men in Obama's administration, are paid 18.9 percent less.

Accident reports

I appreciate the map of accidents with deer in the paper, but not all accidents are reported. Keep that in mind. I didn't report mine. It damaged our rearview mirror and my husband was able to fix it and we have a high deductible. Could have been a lot worse though.

Easter blessing

I want to thank the lovely young lady in the car in front of me who bought my breakfast at the drive-thru window at Panera Bread on Easter Sunday. I just left 7 a.m. Mass and was spending Easter Sunday morning by myself. It's nice to know that there are such good people in the world. You made my day. I will pay it forward to the next person. God bless you.

Storytelling festival

It seems everybody is scratching their head wondering why the storytelling numbers are down. My family would have liked to go, but when it comes down to paying for gas or a luxury like going to listen to storytelling, the gas wins out. I have to get to work.

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