Speak Out 4/20/12

Friday, April 20, 2012

Road repair

I have a question for the mayor and the city council of Cape Girardeau. Why is it that you are spending $4 million on Broadway and fixing all the other streets and everything and you can't fix Lexington Avenue from Perryville Road to Mount Auburn, Route W and Kingshighway. Just think, two blocks from Lexington Avenue has got so many cracks and holes in it, it's like you are in a stock car race or something where you are trying to miss the other people. If you hit the holes, you are just going to ruin the alignment of your vehicle. Why can't you all come out here and fix this while you are working on all this other stuff and spending all this money?

Voter ID card

FINALLY we have a wonderful, professional-looking voter registration card, which gives us all the information that we need to know where we need to vote, what ward we are in, what precinct it is, etc.

County golf

I would like to know how many golf courses Cape Girardeau needs. Now another at the county park. If it continues, county park will look like a carnival ground and lose its natural beauty.

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