Speak Out 4/19/12

Thursday, April 19, 2012


A recent Speak Out caller described the Democrats as a "do-nothing party." I'd like to know how they could possibly do anything significant when the GOP, "the party of no," obstructs progress on all fronts by unitedly voting "no" on absolutely every piece of legislation that could possibly make the Dems look good -- including legislation that they themselves drafted. Let's not forget what the GOP is on record as stating its purpose for the last four years has been: make Obama a one-term president.

Pristine state of nature

CAPE Girardeau is not mowing, emptying lots, etc., because we are (correctly I think) attempting to return to a pristine state of nature.

Limbaugh column

IF David Limbaugh can refer to Attorney General Eric Holder's opposition to voter ID laws as corrupt, then certainly it is within the bounds of appropriate political discourse to refer to Limbaugh's approval of voter ID laws as appallingly anti-democratic.

Spring surprise

A welcome spring surprise: Gas prices are dropping.

Poor supervision

I have several serious conditions and am undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, which causes me to spend a lot of time in doctors' offices, immediate care and recently the dentist. Ever present are loud children often just waiting for others and not there for treatment. Many of these facilities include a particular diversion for the children, a wooden device with every sort of noisemaker attached. These facilities should be sensitive to just how torturous it is for a sick person to sit for long periods through banging, hammering and screaming by poorly supervised children. These facilities should remove loud toys and devices and restrict the presence of children to those needing medical attention.

Romneycare success

CONGRATULATIONS to Mitt Romney. His implementation of Romneycare (the model for ObamaCare) in Massachusetts has cut health care costs by 5 percent.

Cynthia King

WHAT a wonderful Southeast Missourian tribute to Notre Dame Regional High School legendary educator, Cynthia King. As if her labors of love with the wildly successful school plays weren't enough, King's dedication to individualized instruction in the variety of classes she teaches leaves one wondering how she has had the time to make such a positive impact on so many students while serving as a model for other teachers as well as a valued and much sought out repository of advice for the administrative and support staff. Kudos to Cynthia King. May she continue to serve the school she loves for years to come. We love you, Cindy.

Gas prices

CONGRESSIONAL Republicans want to drill for more oil, as if that is what will bring the price down, when all the tanks are so full of gas now and they are shutting down the refineries. They are holding the gas to make it cost us more. It doesn't make any difference how much we don't use, as we are using 15 percent less now than in the past year. They are going to do everything they can to make the price go up. Just look at the big bonuses they paid out. Probably most Congress members have stock in the gas and oil companies and are getting rich off us. They don't care. The big oil people are the ones financing their campaigns.

Pets, rental housing

LANDLORDS, please tell me the difference between pets and people with children. I have three children who are now grown, but I know when they were younger I caught them coloring on walls or accidentally spilling something on the carpet. There are some renters who don't care what their children do, or pets for that matter, but everywhere I look it says no pets. I have been looking for a three-bedroom home to rent in the area for six months now. I really feel discriminated against. This is why our Humane Societies are so full.

Santorum, NRA

FOR Rick Santorum to proudly announce that his ill infant daughter is now a proud member of the NRA is to me the penultimate in attempting to make political hay out of exploiting your child.

Electronic payments

THE federal government, which issues 73 million payments a month, is phasing out paper checks for all benefit programs, requiring people to get payments electronically, either through direct deposit or a debit card for those without a bank account. This is pure stupidity. If someone gets their debit card they can get all their money before they even know it. Then they wouldn't have anything left. They will be out of money for a month. Not the government.

'Dignity of work'

ANOTHER flip-flop. A few years ago, Mitt Romney argued for federal assistance to stay-at-home moms so they could experience the "dignity of work." Really, Mitt? Did you mean to say at that time that your own wife lacked dignity?

Historic tax credits

I think historic preservation tax credits are a complete waste of taxpayer money. Not surprisingly, Missouri ranks No. 1 in awarding them. We need to take the long view of history and realize that in a few billion years or less, no one will be around to enjoy the historically preserved buildings because our species will be extinct.

Starvation policy?

I once made a facetious Speak Out comment about a Stalinesque forced starvation policy being adopted locally, but now it seems to be coming to fruition in respect to Cape Girardeau's deer.

Voter ID

THE Department of Revenue will issue a photo ID to anyone who applies. There is no reason for anyone not to be able to vote if they show this ID. To be able to vote is not an inconvenience, it's a privilege. Our voting system is becoming corrupt; either you have the right to vote or you don't.

Renovation or welfare

IT'S so sad to read that millions of taxpayers' dollars were wasted in downtown Cape Girardeau. I run a small business, and if I need something I pay for it with my money.

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