Nine cases of parvo found in Bollinger County puppies

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The warmer-than-normal winter weather seems to have expedited the spread of parvo in dogs, a disease that normally is not as widespread until the fall.

Nine puppies in Bollinger County have the disease, according to Marilyn Olson Neville with the Bollinger County Stray Project.

Symptoms include a loose stool, lethargic behavior, loss of appetite and vomiting, all of which contribute to dehydration and eventually death.

The best way to handle the contagious disease is to have dogs' and puppies' vaccinations up-to-date and keep puppies home, away from areas that could be heavily contaminated, Olson Neville said.

Parvo is spread by mouth and feces and then moved to homes on the feet and hands of those who handle the sick animals.

More information on parvo can be found at www.aspcapro/canine-parvovirus.php.

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