Speak Out 4/15/12

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cleanup time

COME on, Chaffee, Mo. You can be a nice little town, you just need to do some cleaning up. Some of those old houses that you've got sitting empty and run down, tear them down. Come on, clean up your little town.

Blowing up money

OUR government wasted money blowing up a perfectly good levee when it was already naturally overtopping, and there was no reason to blow it up. Now they are wasting money digging out drainage ditches. Yes, the ditches need to be cleaned, but they don't need to be cleaned with $2 million. The government just wastes money. There are some gravel roads and bridges that need to be fixed, but they are wasting money spending too much on drainage.

Waste on Broadway

IT'S the biggest waste of money what the mayor and Cape are doing on Broadway there. It looks like they could come up with a better system to get a lower cost. They're trying to push through remodeling Broadway for the opening for the casino.

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