New worship pastor begins at Crossroads

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Andy Cutrell is the new worship pastor at Crossroads Fellowship in Jackson. (Fred Lynch)

For Andy Cutrell, worship pastor at Crossroads Fellowship in Jackson, God and music are his life.

"I love the Lord and I love music," Cutrell said. "That's what's always driven me in everything I do. I have been in church all my life, but I never really surrendered to the Lord until I was about 17."

Cutrell began April 1 as worship pastor at Crossroads, a church he described as "willing to go out of normal traditional church."

"Crossroads' vision is to reach unchurched people," Cutrell said. "We do things differently to reach the culture now. Things change and move and you can miss out."

Cutrell said the worship services he leads contain contemporary worship songs, traditional hymns and even popular secular songs. Crossroads also uses video and drama during services to convey the message of the Gospel.

"We are not just putting on something that feels comfortable, but people are meeting Jesus, engaging and giving their lives over. It's all about life change," Cutrell said.

Cutrell said becoming worship pastor was "a crazy journey."

He performed and toured with Christian rock bands Playdoe and Sterios as lead guitarist. Cutrell came off the road in 2007 and sold drums at Shivelbines Music Store in Cape Girardeau.

Cutrell described this time as "wrestling with the Lord, and I was done musically." Cutrell said he did not touch his guitar for a long time but still knew music and church were part of his calling.

"I knew I wanted to do music again for God. I had my plan and God has his plan," Cutrell said. "I never wanted to be a worship leader. I never wanted to be in one church with one congregation. I always wanted to be on the move. For me it was easier to blow in to a new church, blow up and blow out."

While attending Christ Church of the Heartland, Cutrell got opportunities to minister there, at Crossroads and at Mount Auburn Christian Church. When the worship leader position opened up at Crossroads in January 2012, Cutrell submitted his resume.

"The Lord opened up the door," said Cutrell.

For Cutrell, music, church and family have always been major parts of his life. He and his wife Calvina will be married eight years this August. They have three children, Evangel, Malchiah and Adalee.

Cutrell said he grew up in a home where there was music all the time. His father and all his brothers and sisters play multiple instruments and sing.

Cutrell said he is thankful for his father, Stan, and considers him a mentor and role model. His father, along with pastor Dan Hartgrave of Stokeland Drive Christian Church in Malden, Mo., helped Cutrell realize he wanted to be in the ministry.

Crossroads has Sunday morning services at 8:15 and 10 a.m.

"We give people a chance to worship the way they know how to worship and connect with them," Cutrell said.

The early service, he said, is more traditional with contemporary songs blended in. The later service uses more contemporary music, video, drama, preaching and object lessons that are understandable and to the point.

"We start where you are and help you move," Cutrell said. "We want to connect with people who do not go to church. We want to connect with people where they are, let them know we love them and there's a God who does too.

"No one rocks harder than God," Cutrell said. "He changed my life and continues to change my life. I know where I would be without him, and it's not a good place."

More information on Crossroads can be found at or by calling 204-1912.

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