Prom fun

Friday, April 13, 2012

It's springtime. Many are enjoying the beautiful flowers and trees, starting gardens and attending local sporting events, among other seasonal gatherings. For students, particularly high school seniors, spring means school is almost finished. But with the end of the year activities comes one particular event students look forward to: prom.

Several schools have already hosted their proms, and these students sure looked great in their formal apparel. To see photos from this year's festivities, check out the photo galleries at semissourian.com.

While prom and end of the year parties can be fun, it's also important to remind students to make wise decisions. Alcohol contributes to a number of fatal vehicle crashes. These accidents are devastating for families and friends, and most of these instances could be prevented by making better decisions.

To the students: Enjoy prom and the other fun events in the days and weeks ahead, but remember to make wise decisions. And thank you to all the organizers who help make these events possible, and safe, for the students.

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