Speak Out 4/12/12

Thursday, April 12, 2012

No budget

IF the Republican Party is the "party of no," then the Democrats must be the "party of nothing," as in do-nothing on the budget. At a time when our country faces a spending and debt crisis of staggering proportions, how does the president and the Democrat-controlled Senate justify sitting on their collective rumps and doing absolutely nothing? The president has not submitted a realistic budget that even his loyal senators could pass, and on its own, the Senate has done nothing. The Senate has not passed a budget in more than 1,000 days! How is that possible? Is there any other job in the U.S. where you can simply ignore your responsibilities and yet it is OK?

Pitt, Limbaugh

I agree with all those who say Rush Limbaugh's inclusion in Missouri's Hall of Famous Missourians is a nonpolitical issue. Rush's success in talk radio has given him the fame that would seem to be required to be included in the hall. However, I think most of those primarily conservative folks that maintain that this is not a political issue will no longer share my view if and when famous Missourian, Springfield native and noted liberal Brad Pitt is ever nominated for inclusion in the same hall.

Drug testing

I'M watching the news where they're talking about drug testing for unemployment. I'm not against that by any means, but I'd like to say as a taxpaying citizen who gets unemployment if I'm entitled to it, I'd like to see welfare recipients tested because the people who are on welfare need to be out getting a job as much as the people who are unemployed. My tax dollars go to pay for the welfare. My tax dollars don't go to pay for someone else's unemployment.

City mowing

TO the city of Cape Girardeau: Why don't you mow your property, empty lots and along the roads before handing citizens citations for not mowing?

Rugged individuals

WE don't need any more taxpayer money to fix up the levee. We are rugged individualists and don't need any help.

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