Paid Election Letter: Why I support Bob Parker

Thursday, April 12, 2012

In sports and business, when circumstances go the wrong way for an organization, stakeholders dismiss their leaders outright. Curiously, when it comes to incumbent congressmen, with an 8 percent approval rating, Americans repeatedly send the same poor performers back to Washington.

Four novices to politics, businessmen working right here in the 8th District, are challenging Jo Ann Emerson for the position she's held for nearly 16 years. During this time, our federal debt has gone from $5 trillion to $15 trillion.

These challengers are Democrat Jack Rushin, Democrat Todd Mahn, Libertarian Rick Vandeven and Republican Bob Parker.

I've decided to help Bob Parker for three reasons:

1. The Democrat candidates may be good people, but we cannot afford to send individuals obligated by party affiliation to re-elect Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House. Bob Parker will support a conservative Republican speaker.

2. Bob Parker is pro-life. He would not make the mistake of providing federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research.

3. Bob Parker wants to keep Social Security solvent and to increase the interest rates for fixed-income recipients. Over-the-top spending by our incumbent politicians has robbed Social Security funding for other programs. There still isn't enough money, so the Federal Reserve has cut interest rates on government borrowing (this corresponds to certificate of deposit rates) to keep our bloated government afloat.

These fellows have more nerve than our more practiced politicians; please support them for taking up the challenge to correct our nation's course.


2543 Prairie View Trail, Jackson, MO 63755