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Monday, April 9, 2012

The world would be a miserable place without art.

Sometimes artistic expression gets a bad rap from non-art enthusiasts who think of grand sculptures and paintings that are far too expensive to buy or are relatively inaccessible. Or maybe they think of extreme expression that is done in poor taste to make a point about a societal issue.

But there is wonderful and useful art all around us, from the many public art displays within the city of Cape Girardeau, or the photography that is seen and shared in this newspaper or among your Facebook friends.

Aesthetic importance is vital in the technology we use (why do you think phone makers are so worried about design?). It is evident in our buildings, in our homes and in the cars we drive. It is crucial in advertising. It is seen in the clothes we wear. The shows and musicals we watch. The songs we hear. Even in the words we read.

On April 1 the Jackson Heritage Association announced the winners of its seventh art contest at Jackson High School. Each year, the association chooses a different subject for the art contest, one that is deemed to have historical value.

It's one of many ways our community, whether Jackson, Cape Girardeau or others, celebrates and encourages artistic expression. As our schools place more emphasis on mathematics, science and communication arts, it is important that our society continues to encourage young people who have artistic aspirations.

The creative mind is a wonderful thing, a necessity in the world today.

Congratulations to the winners of the Jackson Heritage Association art contest. And thank you to everyone who supports local artists, no matter how young or old they may be.

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