Speak Out 4/5/12

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thank you

A few weeks ago I was driving through the drive through at US Bank in front of Saint Francis. I dropped my billfold and I got my business taken care of. I got a call from one of the tellers about 20 minutes later, and somebody came up behind me and picked up my billfold and turned it in. I am so very thankful that person did that. I just wanted to say thank you so much.

Animal laws

THIS is a message regarding the article in the Southeast Missourian recently about the animal laws and the farmers. I think it is necessary to make it clear that although an animal maybe used to do things on a farm and may supply things on a farm, it does not mean that it has to be treated cruelly or inhumanely. That is our whole point, that these are living, breathing creatures that God made and that feel pain. I guarantee you, you will get better work out of your animals if you treat them with respect, kindness and love.

Helmet law?

MISSOURI has a helmet law. I have yet to see one, especially downtown. Where are the tickets?

Welfare phones?

HERE we've got the government saying how bad they are as far as money goes, but then they are on TV handing out free phones to people who are on welfare. Free phones? Since when is a telephone a necessity? I thought welfare was to help them with their basic needs such as food and taking care of their children, not giving them phones they don't deserve.

Trayvon Martin

I am just totally appalled by this news in the Trayvon Martin case. It was a horrible case. Everything about the whole case is horrible. But now I am seeing on the news that the Black Panthers have offered a $10,000 bounty to catch this man. We have police officers, that's their job to do. This is not a vigilante America. We don't take matters into our own hands and do it.

Supreme Court

IT will surprise me if the Supreme Court rules any or part of this health care act unconstitutional. Nevertheless, I believe that those justices that vote to uphold this law should be impeached, and I think the American people should start thinking about that now.

Road to nowhere

I think if Southeast's proposed technology park is put on the back burner and not going to be brought up any time soon, the city shouldn't spend the money to extend the road out that side of the interstate, because it won't be traveled. It will be a road to nowhere. They need to go ahead and spend the money and take it south toward William Street, Route K, so people can get some use out of it instead of building a road to nowhere that no one will use.

Obama's presidency

SOME of our best presidents have gone on to their reward, leaving a great legacy to our present generation. Whether Republican or Democrat, Obama is the worst we've ever had. Most of the presidents said "God bless America." But with him in the White House we must really pray "God help America."

Gas prices

IS it just me or does it make everybody sick that gas keeps coming up and the oil companies get on TV and tell how many billions of dollars they made the last quarter, just for a quarter of the year? In Advance, Mo., it is ridiculous how gas keeps coming up and nobody regulates it.

Health insurance

PEOPLE who cannot afford to get health care now, how does the president think that just because they say you have to have it that they will be able to afford it then? They are not going to have more money. They are either going to have to cut down on food, clothing, utilities or housing to pay for insurance.

Photo ID

YOU have to have a picture ID to write a check, to use a credit card, to leave the country, to buy cigarettes and to buy alcohol. But some people think it is too much of an inconvenience to do something as important as voting. Hmm, I smell a rat.

Riverfront market

I am really excited about this new Cape Girardeau riverfront market that is coming to town. Thank you to whomever has put that together. I am really excited. I'll be there on the opening day, May 5.

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