Marble Hill write-in vows to fight result

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MARBLE HILL, Mo. -- Write-in candidate for Marble Hill mayor Loyd Ivey said after the ballots were counted Tuesday night that the mayor's race is not over.

Ivey gathered 49 votes to candidate Michael Sowers' 128 ballots. Sowers took 72 percent of the total votes cast.

Ivey showed up at the Bollinger County Courthouse once he learned the final vote tally from the county clerk's office and asked to see the ballots. County Clerk Diane Holzum told him that she could not let him handle the ballots.

Ivey left a recorded message on The Banner Press' telephone stating he is not conceding the election.

"There were some inappropriate things going on," Ivey said. "I am challenging the whole thing. I want to know who voted, how and when. There's no way Sowers is qualified. He has many conflicts of interest. I am not conceding; I am contesting."

Sowers said he is "extremely honored to have the opportunity to serve as mayor of Marble Hill. I wish to thank those who voted for me and to Mr. Ivey for giving the people a choice. I am looking forward to working with the aldermen.

"Even though the city may be facing a tough situation, I believe it has a bright future."

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