Speak Out 4/4/12

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's free?

WHY do people keep referring to contraception being covered under an employer's health care coverage as "free." Name one employer providing free health care coverage. I doubt you can. I have to pay for my health care through my employer, so do you. No company is providing truly free health care. Free contraception sure sounds like a GOP fantasy rather than fact. Keep twisting reality, GOP.

EPA's effects

MELISSA Miller recently shared a story about electric utility rates. When will someone address the effect of EPA and other requirements?

Veteran's care

MISSOURI Veterans Homes pride themselves on "veteran-centered care." Recently I found out my family member is being forced out of bed in the middle of the night to get a shower. Where did the person-centered care go?


I am wondering why the Missourian took only eight pictures of the Iraq event held at Ray's on March 20 but took 20 pictures of the pub crawl. I doubt there would have been a pub crawl if we didn't have our freedom. Our veterans make that freedom possible, and they didn't get as much press as a pub crawl. Thank you, veterans, for your service past, present and in the future. God bless America.

In-depth coverage

THANK you, Southeast Missourian, for your in-depth coverage of the turmoil between the parents of Jackson students and the district. Maybe everyone will start to realize that Jackson is perhaps not the best place for students in the area.

Chicago leftovers

SOUTHERN Illinois has been living on Chicago leftovers for far too long. It is time for Southern Illinoisians to be heard. Speak up and vote your heart.

Cleaning up crime

THE city really needs to do something about cleaning up the crime on South Hanover Street. Cape Girardeau has people trained in fighting crime, so I am sure it could be done if the desire was there.

Deer issue

CONCERNING the deer problem in Cape Girardeau: We have to remember that the deer aren't in our way, we are in their way. If you kill the ones that get through the city limits, more will just come in and it would just be a wasted effort.

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