Speak Out 4/1/12

Sunday, April 1, 2012

@sco:A month early

THE dogwoods, redbuds and azaleas are already blooming and it's still March. I mean they are almost a month ahead of time. What does this mean for our summer? Is it going to be cool to make up for the warm weather now? Or is it going to be really hot?

@sco:Thoughts on Ameren

A lot of workers don't get employee benefits. So why should we have an increase for Ameren to provide them benefits? Also, quit sending out individual comparison fuel usage from one year to the next. The electricity and postage will save you a lot of money. Start using common sense.

@sco:Leave deer alone

I think we should leave the deer in Cape alone. At least they are gathering their own food, and they are not relying on the government to give them food stamps.

@sco:Deer problems

I'VE been very interested in the controversy over the deer control in Cape Girardeau. Living on a farm, I am aware of crop damage from deer. However, the dangers they present on streets and roads is much greater. These collisions can result in not only material damage, but even death.

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