The history lists: Presidents of Southeast Missouri State University

Monday, April 2, 2012
Lucius Cheney (Courtesy of the University Archives)

Southeast Missouri State University was founded in 1873 as the Third District Normal School. Here is a list of the men and one woman who have served as presidents of the institution.

Lucius H. Cheney, 1873-1876

Alfred Kirk, 1876-1877

Charles Henry Dutcher, 1877-1880

Richard Chapman Norton, 1880-1893

Willard Duncan Vandiver, 1893-1897

John Sephus McGhee, 1897-1899

Washington Strother Dearmont, 1899-1921

Joseph A. Serena, 1921-1933

Walter Winfield Parker, 1933-1956

Mark F. Scully, 1956-1975

Robert E. Leestamper, 1975-1979

Bill W. Stacy, 1979-1989

Robert W. Foster, 1989-1990

Kala M. Stroup, 1990-1995

Bill Atchley, 1995-1996

Dale Nitzschke, 1996-1999

Ken Dobbins, 1999-present

SOURCE: Missourian archives

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