PES students release balloons

The balloons and the children’s wishes are up, up and away. The students hope their wishes are found and that the finders write to them to let them know how far their balloons traveled.

First graders at Perryville Elementary School sent their wishes skyward during a recent reading lesson that ended in a balloon release.

The students read The Lady In the Moon by Lily Wong Fillmore."The story is about the Moon Festival in China," said first grade teacher Rose Rosenzweig. "The children celebrate with special food like moon cakes and then write poems which are wishes they send by reading to the Lady in The Moon."

At PES, the students wrote their wishes on cards and signed their names. The reverse of the card explains the project and asks the finders of the balloons to mail the card back to the school.

"We can't wait to see where our wishes went," Rosenzweig said.