Speak Out 3/30/12

Friday, March 30, 2012

Wrong priorities

BUILDINGS on Broadway falling down; Main Street leads to your casino in a swamp; deer overrun your city; streets are full of potholes. And you complain about Rush Limbaugh and the flood wall. If it wasn't for Rush, no one would know Cape Girardeau existed nor would they care.

Talk radio

RUSH Limbaugh's blunder could become a blessing if all talk radio hosts would stop denigrating names and personalities and speak to the issues. Many of us don't think it's entertainment to demean people for things they have no control over. We listen to get the news, but the progressive-controlled media denies us. Obama's administration divides to destroy our nation. We must restore our fundamental documents and preserve our freedoms.

Texting, driving

WHEN is the Missouri Legislature going to amend the texting law to forbid all drivers from texting while driving? It's just plain dumb to think that those over 21 can look and type on a small screen while driving. The public is in danger as long as this law remains this way.

Colleges combined

MORE than a decade ago at Southeast Missouri State University, two departments split off from the old College of Science and Technology to form the School of Polytechnic Studies. One of the big reasons for the split is because we were treated like the ugly stepsister in the college. The departments within the School of Polytechnic Studies turned into the fastest growing and, by all accounts, the most efficiently run units on campus. Last fall we were rewarded for our growth by upper administration by being reorganized into a college rather than a school. This was passed by the board of regents. Suddenly, with the proposed state budget cuts, this decision was reversed, and in fact, now we will be folded back into the same college we split off from originally, all in the name of cost savings. In fact there are no savings at all, but rather there was created a new position: associate dean for online learning. While I see the need for the new position, I do not like it when we are told it was done for cost savings when nothing was saved.

Peacocks story

IN regards to the cemetery and peacock article, I was born in 1951 and my parents brought me out there as a small child to view the peacocks. Raymond Strom based that cemetery after the famous cemetery where all the movie stars are buried in Los Angeles. Your reporter should have added that also. So those peacocks have been there long before 1970. I thought your readers would enjoy to know that fact.

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