Speak Out 3/29/12

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Girl Scout uniform

HURRAH for Maria Enderly, who did the right thing wearing her Girl Scout uniform to the recognition with the mayor. Way to go, Maria.

Deer problem

SPRING has just arrived and the deer have already destroyed most of the plants that I put out. Something needs to be done about the deer. Who pays taxes, the deer or us?

Check birdhouses

MY grandbabies were here recently to play. I have a tire swing in the backyard for them, and I have birdhouses scattered throughout my yard. I did not know that these could have a harmful effect on my grandchildren. I checked the swing for wasp nests and did not find any, but my birdhouses were a different story. My one grandson had a little bouncy ball, and on a bounce it hit one of the birdhouses up in a tree. A swarm of wasps came out of that birdhouse. So anybody who has birdhouses in their yard, you need to check them for wasp nests, spiders and anything else that could crawl up in them.

Global warming?

THERE is mounting evidence reported in this newspaper that the scientists studying global warming were falsifying the evidence. They were trying to prove that global warming was happening just so they could get more grant money and study it some more. But then there is a satirical twist, like here in Cape Girardeau. It feels like there really is global warming. So, even though the scientists were falsifying the evidence and trying to cheat the science, they may have been correct. Who knows?

Voter base

I was reading through the Speak Out comments recently, and there was one that was talking about if gas prices continue to rise, they are going to have to join the rest of the Democratic Party and the Obama nation on welfare because they can't afford to work. Let me tell you, that is exactly what they want. The more people they have on government aid, the bigger their voter base. So their plan is working.

Beautify school

WITH the new architecturally designed addition going up in front of the Cape Girardeau Central Junior High School, which will be a beautiful addition, I hope that there is some consideration being made for the eyesore air conditioning units that sit in front of the auditorium. You are going to have a beautiful addition on one side and that ugly air conditioner sitting on the other side in front of the auditorium. Please take some money and use it to beautify that area.

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