Letter to the Editor

Urban hunting is too broad

Monday, March 26, 2012

In regard to urban deer hunting, I don't feel that we have enough information. Just because someone says we have a problem doesn't make it so. The instigators of this issue don't want to count the deer or do any kind of survey, they just want us to take their word for it.

I do believe that certain residents are having problems with deer. I've noticed that on my property. I usually see the same deer over and over, and I have a feeling that this is almost always the case citywide.

Why can't we issue permits on an individual basis to remove certain deer that are regularly destroying property? What is being proposed is what I would call "painting with too broad a brush stroke." Cape Girardeau is not that big, folks; being selective is doable and should be considered first. For the record, I'm not in favor of urban deer hunting, but understand that some residents may indeed have a legitimate complaint.

FRANK LaFENTRES, Cape Girardeau