Out of the past 3/23/12

Friday, March 23, 2012

25 years ago: March 23, 1987

CHAFFEE, Mo. -- The North Scott County Golf Association, which was formed several months ago, is looking into the possibility of building a nine-hole course in the vicinity of Chaffee, Scott City and New Hamburg, Mo.

About 70 people turn out for a public hearing at the Arena Building to discuss utility costs; members of Cape Girardeau's utility hear mostly complaints about high utility bills; those expressing an opinion urge the city to acquire one or more of the utilities now operated by Union Electric.

50 years ago: March 23, 1962

Donald M. Oliver of Midland, Texas, has leased the 1,800-acre McSpadden Ranch near Bainbridge and purchased the herd of Hereford cattle, machinery and other equipment on the site; Oliver, a geologist and son of R.B. Oliver Jr. of Cape Girardeau, has leased the land for a five-year period.

The building committee for a caretakers' house at the Old McKendree Chapel grounds is calling for bids in April and May; a three-month campaign was started last month to raise $15,000 so that restoration and preservation of the chapel could be completed, as well as construct the caretaker's house.

75 years ago: March 23, 1937

CHAFFEE, Mo. -- If the city of Chaffee can supply a building and come up with $30,000 for a loan, the Collins-Morris Shoe Co. proposes to establish a plant in the town; it would employ around 500 people.

A meeting was held last night to iron out the details of the coming Capahas baseball season; it was decided the Caps won't enter into a league with other teams, but will play independent ball; it was also decided to form a second team, to be operated under the Caps' board of director, to be used in the development of young players.

100 years ago: March 23, 1912

Hirsch Brothers, the enterprising merchants of Good Hope Street, will transform their big building into a still larger one, making it one of the best business houses in the city; J.W. Gerhardt has been awarded the contract; the remodeled structure is to be 110 feet long on Sprigg Street and 93 feet on Good Hope Street, and will be two full stories tall.

Ollie Bowman, formerly of this city, is making his first trip as the third clerk on the steamer Cape Girardeau.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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