Speak Out 3/23/12

Friday, March 23, 2012

Voter ID

THE only people who are against voter ID requirements are people here illegally, people who want to vote more than once and the dead people who somehow voted in 2008.

Limbaugh protest

MORE power to those who came out to protest Limbaugh's lewd comments about a young woman's comments. Limbaugh has relied on innuendo, outright fabrications and outlandish statements to make himself a fortune. He is infamous, not famous, and does not deserve a place in the hall of honor at our state's Capitol. He is not someone we would wish our children to emulate.

Left in dark

AS a resident of 47 years on Big Bend Road, I might say yes, the new project looks great, except some of us have lost our corner lights. These lights are needed for safety for the pedestrians using our new sidewalks, for the auto and truck drivers to see the road, and it's also security for the neighborhood. As taxpayers, we would like to see our pole lights reinstalled. We don't like being left in the dark.

Ben Bernanke

THOUGH reviled by those on the left and right, I would like to publicly thank Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke for helping to save our economy.

Fathers, children

ALL you fathers out there who are getting a raw deal from the mothers of your children need to make your voices heard. God gave children a mother and a father for a reason. These children need the father in their lives. It's wrong when our judicial system takes the father away. Something needs to be done, and you fathers are going to have to make your voices heard loud and clear.

Obama's visit

RECENTLY in the Southeast Missourian, the "Our Opinion" listed names of presidents visiting Cape Girardeau with no mention of Obama. Didn't he stop here on his run for president?

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