Letter to the Editor

Time to get to work

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dear members of Congress:You seem to be having great difficulty in working out a budget, and I think it's because you're trying to please everyone, especially those people with the big bucks who helped you get elected.

I have a suggestion. Instead of trying to make everyone happy with your budget, how about just doing something fair? How about cutting two percent from:

* Every department: defense, agriculture, education, etc.

* Every person getting an entitlement check: welfare, farm subsidy, oil subsidy, etc. Yes, even Social Security, and I'm on that list.

* Every person getting any sort of government check: president, his expenses, your salary, your health insurance, your retirement, etc.

Are you getting the idea? I'm really lost when talking about billions, trillions of dollars, but I'll bet that a 2 percent cut across the board would mean really big savings, and since the cuts hit the big guys as well as the little ones, no one can blame you.

I think some of the protests in Europe, especially in Greece, have been the result of the little folks thinking they were the only ones taking a hit. The rich people weren't feeling the pinch. Do you want that to happen here before you start doing the job for which we elected you?

Now instead of playing politics, get to work! We're watching you.

IRENE STEVENS, Cape Girardeau