Who's Who 2012 - Stan Schultz

Monday, March 19, 2012
LAURA SIMON ~ lsimon@semissourian.com

Stan Schultz, president of Schultz & Summers Engineering Inc. in Poplar Bluff, has done big things in his company and throughout Southeast Missouri. Whether it's organizing a rural water district or sewer services or surveying for a new highway, Schultz is committed to improving the way of life in rural areas. He served for five years on the board of Ozark Family Resource Agency, a spot now occupied by his wife Kathy. As part of the Ripley County Chamber of Commerce, Schultz volunteers with Timberfest in Doniphan and served as building committee chairman for the Doniphan R-1 school bond issue. At home, Schultz is father to sons Patrick, 14, and Michael, 8, and 8-year-old triplets Samantha, Allison and Brooklyn.

How is your career field changing?

The baby boomers are exiting engineering faster than new engineers can be trained. Unfortunately, engineering schools are having to compete with computer/Internet careers for the brightest and best students. There are great opportunities in this field and will continue to be as our country's infrastructure has to be rebuilt.

What inspires you?

Mostly my parents. My dad was a mailman and my mother a stay-at-home mom. They spent their adult lives paving the way for the success of my two brothers and me. Just before my dad passed away 12 years ago he told me he was starting to understand what he had created. I'm sure glad we had that chat.

What's the secret to your success?

God has blessed me with a very good memory, and my parents instilled a work ethic in me that never stops. I'm lucky to be surrounded by employees who care about the success of this company as much as they would as if it were theirs.

What community issue is most important to you?

Preserving life in rural America means the most to me. My hometown of Doniphan is in a depressed area of the state. We have to work hard to find ways to challenge our brightest young adults to stay in their rural communities while figuring out how to provide better educational and job opportunities for those experiencing poverty. I have observed that all most people need to be good providers for their family is a decent job with benefits. Unfortunately, traditional jobs are leaving our area. We have to be creative and figure out ways for impoverished families to make a decent wage. Human nature will take care of the rest.

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