Who's Who 2012 - Mary Ann Lewis

Monday, March 19, 2012
LAURA SIMON ~ lsimon@semissourian.com

Blanchard Elementary kindergarten teacher Mary Ann Lewis strives to help children become "respectful, nice, loving, learning boys and girls." With 30 years teaching in Cape Girardeau Public Schools, she's done that for countless students. Outside the classroom, she gives back to the community as a volunteer in LaCroix Church's children's ministry, a member of Southeast Hospital Auxiliary, a volunteer at Southeast Hospital, a member of the Southeast Missouri State University Booster Club and a team member for Relay for Life. The Jackson resident has "two incredible sisters and an awesome mom."

What do you love about your work?

My job is amazing. Where else could I watch tiny little hands learn to write stories and think some day one of those hands may write a book or an important document? Where else could I be greeted every morning by high fives, hand hugs, hand shakes, knuckles and hugs? Where else would my mind have to stay so young as with a group of 5- and 6-year-olds where I must always have a bag of tricks up my sleeve? Where else could I feel the joy each year when, because of some small thing I have done, children learn to be independent thinkers, problem solvers, readers and writers? Where else could I work every day in Niceville and be surrounded by the Kings and Queens of Nice? Where else could I teach where teachers are so willing to give of their time and energy to pull together and be absolutely certain that all of our children are learning? Where else could I teach where the principal tells the children every morning that they go to the school with the heart and they are filled with love and kindness?

What community issue is most important to you?

I have several. All of them are tied to helping care for the members of our community. The caring starts with the smallest of our citizens, our children. It may be listening to them read (the Read to Succeed Program through the United Way); it may be helping them understand the love of Jesus (children's ministry at LaCroix) or showing them that someone cares for them (Caring For Kids).

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