Who's Who 2012 - Carolyn Kempf

Monday, March 19, 2012
LAURA SIMON ~ lsimon@semissourian.com

Carolyn Kempf, president and owner of Elite Travel Inc., may originally be from Boring, Ore., but that's one thing she is not! "I am absolutely over the top in love with people and travel," she says. It goes without saying that she also loves traveling to new and exciting places. "Learning to connect and be a world citizen is something I enjoy," Kempf says. In November she traveled to Haiti on a mission trip with other members of Zonta, just one of the many ways she gives back. "If I find a need in my community I donate or volunteer," she says. "There aren't too many opportunities for involvement that I don't take part in." Kempf lives in Jackson with her husband Dennis, two sons, Levi and Skyler, and two dogs, Blue and Serina. She also calls Wilbur, the office cat, family.

What's your No. 1 goal at work?

To strive for excellence and perfection. To do my career to the best of my ability and excel in my craft. On a personal note, to walk out my faith and to do my work pleasing to the Lord. I still struggle with that one a little bit; I'm daily reminded I still have so much work to do in improving myself. I place a lot of pressure on myself, wanting to please not only my customers and co-workers, and often I miss the mark. My daily goal is to do better, and also to educate clients on the importance of loyalty and relationships in travel.

What inspires you?

My faith and my family and the arts and travel itself. My faith inspires me to be the best in life I can be. My family is so wonderful. My mother always told me I could dream of anything and accomplish it, and my father always taught me the importance of high morals and keeping your family name whole. My husband has inspired me to be rational and stable in my thinking, which is no small task, and to be logical and even tempered (still working on that). My two sons have inspired me to leave a legacy they would be proud of. When I travel and experience the beauty and art and music of another country or am reminded of the vastness of the world, it inspires me to encourage others to bask in this glorious world.

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