Monday, March 19, 2012

Bankruptcies filed through February for the Southeastern Division of the Eastern District of Missouri's U.S. Bankruptcy Court are listed below with their corresponding case number. The Southeast Division includes the counties of Bollinger, Butler, Carter, Dunklin, Madison, Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemiscot, Perry, Reynolds, Ripley, Scott, Shannon, Stoddard and Wayne. Court is held in Cape Girardeau.

Bollinger County

Mann, Donald A.10102
Bollinger, Boyd Jr.10107
Wagner, Robert W. and Michele J.10124
Henson, Jason A. and Angelique M.10151

Butler County

Leabig, Della10122
Dover, Jason D. and Krystal D.10125
Meyers, Joyce R.10133
Hill, Kenneth L. and Ashley N.10142
Galbraith, Lester10144
Waddell, Mike D.10146
Miller, LeLonny R.10149
Whitmer, Stanley W. 10155

Cape Girardeau County

Archer, Arvo T.10085
Williams, LaRhonda S.10086
Parker, Patricia A.10087
Bowers, Betty J.10088
Mayfield, Christopher G.10089
Bierschwal, George L. and Dana M.10095
Wren, Jeannie M. and Gary L.10096
Hogg, James M.10101
Farmer, Danny L. and Rose A.10105
McDonald, Rebecca E.10108
O'Kelly, Billy R. Jr. and Susan L.10113
Mueller, Woneta R.10119
McCain, Darin K.10120
McCoy, Glen T. and Michelle L.10123
Cole, Lisa J.10127
Winters, Carly L.10128
Burton, Margaret A.10131
Luebbers, Tammy R.10138
Lane, Deangela D.10153
Pender, Timmy J. and Gloria S.10154
Sitz, Jerry S. and Rhonda J.10157
McCanless, Rocky L. and Darla G.10158
Place, Monica M.10159
Jaquin, William E. Josiah10161
Bogacki, Robert M.10162
Willeford, Michele10164

Dunklin County

Hamlett, Donald G. and Brenda A.10150

Madison County

Dunnigan, Melinda S.10109
Yount, Robin L.10110
Hogue, Jeremy R. and Leslie N.10116

Mississippi County

Siars, Melissa N.10112
Hall, Bobby J. and Charlotte M.10134
Riggens, Troy L. and Donna D.10147
Elser, Jimmy A. and Teresa A.10163

New Madrid County

Brandenburg, Charles E. and Malia M.10083
Patton, Willie P. and Sandra10090
Fitzgerald, Richard10097
Learue, Richard L.10106
Birdwell, Michael10115
Northington, Laura D.10126
Adams, Kiley M. and Daniel S.10160

Perry County

Pippin, Richard L.10092
Weber, LuAnne D.10104
Bohnert, Christina F.10129
Bohnert, David L.10130
James, Christopher R. and Sabrina L.10152

Ripley County

Hover, Larry W.10093
Hasheider, Glennon H. and Joyce L.10132
Lacy, Sarah D.10143
Prater, Wayne and Dessie M.10145

Scott County

Campbell, Jason C.10084
Stewart, Markel L. and Lisa M.10091
Watkins, Tracy D. and Kevin C.10098
Smith, Michael W. and Connie S.10099
Bryant, Scott A. and Kelly A.10103
Rice, Melissa G.10111
Armstrong, Annie B.10114
Hampton, Jacob T. and Jennifer L.10118
Brewer, Deborah J.10121
Crowley, Eric S.10135
Proffer, Franklin R. and Theresa K.10136
Redd, Nakia P.10139
Sturgeon, Phillip D. Jr. and Aleathea D.10141
Willis, Troy E. and Sally D.10156

Stoddard County

Schrader, Jesse W. and Michelle L.10094
Caldwell, Warren L.10117
Rockett, Alvin W.10137
Smith, Marty F.10140

Wayne County

Brinkley, George A. and Judith A.10100
Cozort, Robert A. and Angel L.10148
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