Paid Election Letter: Purcell files as a Republican

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dear Editor,

Like Ronald Reagan used to say, "Well, there you go again." Jay Purcell, the man of a thousand faces. The man who publicly announced on his blogs, and in the public media, that he would run as an independent, has now filed as a Republican. Could he not decide which side of the fence he was on? Did he conveniently forget what he had said? He publicly wanted a divorce from the Republican Party, and it was granted to him!

Anyone who has attended commission meetings may have observed Mr. Purcell twisting the words of the other commissioners and becoming adversarial with them. It would be more beneficial if he did run as an independent, because the letter "I" would appear next to his name on the ballot. Therefore, he could truly be a team of "I" and not "we." He will probably enlist the aid of his union Democrat buddies, or maybe he can find some "good ole boys" to carry his water, but do not expect any support from this Republican.


3137 County Road 349, Jackson, MO 63755