Good Samaritan

Friday, March 9, 2012

I work in a busy doctor office in Cape Girardeau and work until at least 5pm each night. My husband, Bill, also works away from our hometown and is never sure how far away he will be or when he will be home. We have an 11 year old son ( in addition to 3 other older children who either live away from the home or are busy with after-school jobs.) If it wasn't for our wonderful neighbor, Amy Ussery, who is also a teacher at my sons school, we would not be able to maintain our jobs the way we do. She is always willing to help us out when we need to stay over work or when our son has a game or school function to attend that he needs to be at before we get off work. She is there to supervise him after school, make sure he has his homework done and keep him out of mischief. Many thanks go out to her for being so wonderful and there to help us out with our son. She is truely a good samaritan. No amount could repay all she does for us. Thank you Amy! Your a true friend.