Letter to the Editor

Great job on Bloomfield Road

Friday, March 9, 2012

As a resident of Bloomfield Road, I would like to congratulate our city for the outstanding job in rebuilding this main artery in our community. City officials not only took into consideration the traffic needs of our area, but also took great care to make sure that aesthetic values were maintained in this beautiful corridor.

Rather than using major road building techniques, they listened to the concerns of the residents in the area and used vertical retaining walls which were attractively faced with stone. The vertical retaining walls allowed the retention of many more trees and they will soon grow together to restore the tree cover that makes this street so attractive. Also, rather than sidewalks, the hiking and biking trail saved many large trees by allowing it to meander through the forest instead of clear cutting the trees beside the street. Although these changes took additional time, we now have a road that will reflect the values of this community for generations to come.

I would like to personally thank our city administration, including the city manager, city engineer and city staff, as well as the contractor for doing such a fine job.

EARL NORMAN, Cape Girardeau