Speak Out 3/1/12

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wasting money

I agree with the two comments posted in the Feb. 20 edition of the Southeast Missourian about how unnecessary a roundabout is at Route W and Lexington Avenue, or anywhere else in Cape Girardeau for that matter. This is not London. Pave the streets instead, especially at the intersection of Broadway and Main Street. It's like driving over a washboard down there, as well as other places. Also, turn out the streetlights during the day, especially down by the river near Broadway. What a waste of money.

Wulfers column

DR. Mike Wulfers' recent piece on the declining number of those who choose to be primary care doctors and the pitfalls of choosing to essentially have them replaced with nurse practitioners was the most eloquent and insightful analysis ever to appear on the opinion page of the Southeast Missourian.

Health care benefits

THERE'S a controversy about whether churches should be exempt from new government regulations on health care benefits. If they want less government interference, they should give up their tax exemptions as well. An old saying about having a cake and eating it too comes to mind.

Sean Hannity

THIS Speak Out comment is about Sean Hannity. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy and think he has some valid points. There are only two problems: First, Hannity is so hard on liberals that sometimes he doesn't even let them speak. He is just outright hateful, and I think it is wrong. You don't hear that hatefulness from Rush or Levin. Second, I'm not against the guy personally, but sometimes he just says stuff and expects you, the listener, to just take what he says at face value without proof. Next time he talks, instead of just saying something, he should at least try to show more than just his opinion.

Hateful rhetoric

WHY is it OK to talk trash about Christians when every other group in America is protected? We Christians founded this country. Its original laws are based on the Bible. Your freedom is protected because our forefathers sought equality spoken of in the Bible. It was Christians who settled here peacefully because the British government had their fingers in church affairs. Those original Christian settlers even got along fine with the Indian population. Now here we are in 2012, yet all you do is bash Christians -- those same Christians who run food banks, homeless shelters and soup kitchens across this country; the same Christians go to the worst neighborhoods in the country and the most desolate countries in the world, just to lend a helping hand. Just because something went wrong in your life doesn't mean Christians deserve your hate.

Deer comment

A recent Speak Out comment stated that the deer problem could be easily solved by simply using a Taser on the animals and moving them to a different location. The comment then went on to state that it's done with larger animals all the time. I would like to know where this person got this information. There is no such thing as a Taser system for capturing wild animals. That's almost as ridiculous as an earlier comment that we shoot them with tranquilizer darts containing radio transmitters. Relocation of wild animals is a complex and expensive procedure requiring capture, medical examination and a period of quarantine before release. It is also stressful to the animals, with a pretty big percentage of fatalities due to stress.

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