Parents to talk about grading system at Jackson School Board meeting

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 ~ Updated 3:49 PM

Parents of Jackson public school students plan to voice concerns over the grading system used in the district at tonight's school board meeting.

Under the system, students do not receive letter grades but are assessed on a set of standards based on district and state expectations for each grade. Students receive a one through four on each of the standards -- one for basic understanding, two for approaching district and state standards, three for meeting district and state level standards and four for exceeding district and state standards.

Holly Lintner, a parent of three students in the district, said parents are becoming involved in speaking out against the use of the system for various reasons. Some parents believe teachers can't collaborate as needed for instruction and some believe the system wasn't implemented properly, leading to the needs of students at higher levels of comprehension being neglected through repeated reteaching of the same material, Lintner said. Others aren't happy because students don't receive grade-point averages through the system that can be easily used when transferring to another district or applying to college.

Parents approached board members several times with concerns since the district began using the system in 2010, Lintner said, and were told to be patient while the schools adjusted to using it. She said she expects around 50 people to attend the meeting.

"I think there will be a large enough group there that it will be hard to ignore them," she said.

Assistant superintendent Dr. Rita Fisher was out of the office briefly Tuesday afternoon when the Southeast Missourian placed a call inquiring about a response from the district. Board secretary Bonnie Stahlman said a presentation on the grading system lead by Fisher was added Monday to the agenda that could address concerns and answer questions for some parents. Fisher will give the presentation before the section of the meeting reserved for public comment during which parents will be allowed to speak.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. in the district's offices at 614 E. Adams St. in Jackson.

Look for more on this story following the meeting at and in Wednesday's Southeast Missourian.


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