The history lists: Cape Girardeau marshals, police chiefs

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Jesse Crafton was Cape Girardeau police chief in the early 1930s. (Missourian archives; photo courtesy of Audrey Crafton)

Law enforcement in Cape Girardeau can be traced to 1905, when two men served the town as marshals. In 1918, the city began hiring police chiefs.

John Grieb (city marshal), 1905-05

Willis Martin (city marshal), 1905-1911

W.A. Summers (city marshal), 1911-1913

D.A. Nichols (city marshal), 1913-1914

Jeff Hutson (city marshal), 1914-1916

Arthur S. Whitener (city marshal), 1916-1918

W.S. Seagraves, 1918-1922

Jeff Hutson, slain, March 1-Oct. 7, 1922

W.F. Wickham, 1922-1924

Arthur S. Whitener, 1924-1925

W.C. Kelpe (acting chief), 1925

W.W. Billings, 1925-1926

W.F. Wickham, 1926-1930

J.E. Crafton, 1930-1934

Edgar W. Hirsch, 1934-1936, 1938-40

Herb Wickham Jr., 1936-1937 (July 1937 entered Highway Patrol)

Paul McNeely (died of heart attack after 13 days as chief), 1937

Charles Schweer (acting chief), 1937-1938

Ed Barenkamp (joined Seabees), 1940-1941

Marshall F. Morton, 1941-1946

Fred Schneider (acting chief), 1946-1947, 1952, 1953-1954 (with Marshal F. Morton), 1955-1956

John Penn, 1947-1948

William A. Mills, 1948-1952

Irvin Richmond, 1952-1953

Marshal F. Morton (acting chief with Fred Schneider), 1953-1954

Kenneth Cruse, 1954-1955

Percy R. Little 1956-1964

Irvin E. Beard, 1964-1974

Donald R. Roberts and W.W. Stover (acting chiefs), 1974

Henry H. Gerecke, 1974-1981

Donald R. Roberts (acting chief), 1981-1982

Ray Johnson, 1982-1988

Howard Boyd Jr., 1988-1996

Stephen C. Strong (acting chief), 1996

Rick Hetzel, 1997-2001

Steve Strong, 2001-2005

Carl Kinnison, 2005-present

SOURCE: Missourian archives

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