The Audiology Center of Southeast Missouri, Brown & Willen

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Dr. Cathy Willen, AuD

Year Established:1998

Product or Services: Audiology Services and Hearing Aids & Devices

Number of employees: 4

Location: 262 S. Mt. Auburn in Cape Girardeau, Upper Level

What is your vision for Brown & Willen Audiology Center in 2012?

Our vision for 2012 is to offer the optimum in education, opportunity and assistance for residents in our area who suffer from a loss of hearing. The education provides the patient and family with better understanding of their loss and what options are available for improvement. We strive to provide each person with opportunities to enjoy their communication with family and friends, and we are dedicated to customer service and customer satisfaction.

How has technology changed your practice in recent years?

Two recent major developments in hearing aid technology have had a major impact in patient satisfaction during this past year: The Lyric extended-wear hearing aid and Resound's wireless technology. The extended wear option allows wearers to almost forget they are wearing a hearing aid. The tiny, soft device is positioned in the ear canal, out of sight, and can be left in place for several months.

New wireless technology by Resound can send clear stereo sound from devices like TV's, computers, phones, and audio devices directly to the hearing aid with no wires or cables. Resound's newest line of products also offer better reduction of background noise and better ability to control feedback than we have ever had before.

Dr. Steve Brown, AuD

How has this impacted your patients?

As professionals who have obtained a doctorate in Audiology, we can use our many years of training and experience to address the needs of each patient individually. The improvements in technology have allowed greater patient satisfaction and therefore better communication with friends and family. We envision that 2012 will offer continuous advances that will make amplification an easier and more satisfying experience for everyone.

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