Cape Medical Weight Loss

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Mary Janes, owner

Year Established: 2009

Number of employees 10

Location: 2131 William Street, Cape Girardeau

Phone: 573-803-0919

What is your vision for Cape Medical Weight Loss in 2012?

Mary Janes, owner: We have a new slogan, "Change Your Body--Change Your Life!" Losing weight can certainly make a tremendous improvement in how you look, but our vision goes deeper than that. The changes our members make here can literally save their lives. We have many patients whose doctors are able to take them off diabetic, high blood pressure and other medications when they complete our weight loss program. Our mission and vision is to support them all the way along the road to a healthier and happier life.

How does teamwork figure in that mission?

MJ: We couldn't have helped our members lose nearly 30,000 lbs without a team approach.

Every phase of the plan is explained in depth--how it works and what to expect. Our members know they can call or visit for support. Each of them has my personal cell if they need to call. I've lost and kept off 75 pounds myself and I know how important that support can be.

What is the most satisfying part of your work?

MJ: It is helping people find the power within them to change for the better. It is very happy work.

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